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Whale Watching Tour for Cruise Ship from Port of Samana, Humpback Whale Watching Private Tour for Cruise Ship in Samana Port, Dominican Republic.
Humpback Whale Watching Private Tour for Cruise Ship in Samana Port, Dominican Republic.
Samana Whale Watching Excursion in Dominican Republic with Moto Marina Tours at the Port of Samana.

Whale Watching Observation Tour in Samana Bay

A truly unforgettable experience. Departing from our private dock in the town of Samana, we will transport you in our comfortable, fast, and secure boats and navigate the Samana Bay Humpback Whale Reserve in search of whales. The majestic Humpback Whales visit the Bay of Samana annually from January to March presenting a natural spectacle of beauty and agility. During their stay, some females seek out partners while others give birth, and the males vie for the attention of the females through jumps and flipper and tail action.

Whale Watching Tours in Samana Bay Dominican Republic - Shore Excursions in Samana Port for your Cruise Ship.
Whale Watching and Observation in Samana - See Up Close the Humpback Whales in Samana Bay, DR.

Throughout the excursion you will be accompanied by one of our experienced guides fluent in multiple languages, who will help to make your adventure an unforgettable one. He will inform you on the behavior and patterns of the Humpback whale population and instruct you on the best methods to improve your whale experience. Aboard our boats you will be offered a selection of water, refreshments and well as snacks of pieces of pineapple and coconut for your enjoyment.

What you may need to Bring ?

Comfortable clothing, bathing suit, sun block, camera, and a willingness to enjoy the spectacle that awaits you.

Price per person: Adults $65.00 ~ Children : Half price
All Prices are in American US Dollars / USD

*Additional fee of $3 to enter the Reserve is not included in the excursion price.

Departure is from our Main Dock at the Port of Samana at 9:30 - 10:00am

This Tour last about 2 Hours.